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The global pandemic has created social and professional isolation for many educators and scholars, disrupting routines around the way we communicate and learn from each other. We believe the act of learning, especially language learning, is inherently a social act. And it’s about more than just knowledge acquisition. It is also about feeling challenged and encouraged to grow by a diverse group of peers.

CALCommunities.org is a beta online forum and e-portfolio platform facilitating peer-to-peer learning and a sense of belonging to a community of educators and scholars of linguistics. During this pilot program, you will get to be the first participants to engage with the platform, and CAL is seeking your help to identify specific ways to enhance the user interface and design of the platform.

The primary objective for participants of the pilot is to engage with the platform via participation in weekly, moderated discussion forums.


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Pilot Resources

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Introducing new and exciting ways to support, engage, teach, and assist your students in and out of the classroom.

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Access self-paced online courses based on decades of research and extensive experience.

Academic Literacy Development for English Learners
PICO: Promoting Interaction in the Classroom and Online: CAL SIOP Essentials
Building Background and Comprehensible Input: CAL SIOP Essentials
Fundamentals of Sheltered Instruction: Featuring the SIOP Model
Foundations of Literacy for English Learners: The Nature of Reading

CAL Sample Resources

Find a set of resources that CAL offers for all CAL Communities members.